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Chart Astrology is a series of workshops designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of astrology. Beginners and experts are welcome. A typical workshop consists of an in depth look at one or two planets, focusing mostly on developing a working understanding of element theory, the house system, modalities, and the interplay between components of a chart.

This is a great opportunity to begin your journey into the mystery of astrology and see what has fascinated people for so many years. We get right past gimmicks and into the fundamental energetic dynamics created by the push and pull of the planets.

Prices range for these workshops from $5 to $10. See calendar for dates and details.

Personal and Couples Chart Sessions

I offer private sessions, couples charts, and one-on-one teaching for a deeper understanding of what astrology says about you and those who you love. Couples charts can be romantic couples, good friends, parent child, or even co-workers. These are best done in person, but can be done over Skype or as a phone call as well.

Personal chart:

A first session will go over some of the things that make you unique. It is about pinpointing what your needs are and helping you discover healthy ways to learn how to ask for the support that will help you flourish. In later sessions we can get further into transits, life waves, etc. Solar return, or birthday charts, are also available.

These usually last about 2 hours. Cost: $80

Couples Chart:

A couples chart is a great opportunity to look at where you are similar and different. I will help you gain insights on how to tap into your inner strengths to support each other, as well as provide some perspectives on how to navigate the ways in which the two of you are different in competing ways.

So often we are taught to use The Golden Rule, “do onto others as you would want done onto yourself.” This is a terrible rule though. It assumes that what works for you will work for someone else. Astrology helps define clear ways in which you communicate differently, give and receive love differently, respond to support and nourishment differently. Looking at the subtle ways in which someone is unexpectedly unique allows us to see and love them as a whole person. Astrology will never say if you should or shouldn’t be with someone; rather, it says a lot about how to communicate and support one another in effective ways.

These usually last 2-3 hours. Cost $110

Training Sessions:

These are sessions where you can ask anything and everything you want, and I will go into great detail on the subjects that fascinate you.

In my personal exploration of astrology I have payed less attention into comets, and transits. Astrology is a deep rabbit hole, everyone finds their mastery in the areas that interest them most. While I can teach the basics and the system to anyone, for a deeper level of understanding of comets and transits I would recommend other astrologers.

My strengths are in explaining how astrology works and why, element theory, modalities, houses, and especially relationship charts. I can also go into solar returns, persona charts, and a few other fun directions as well. The focus is really on understanding the theory more than anything so you can expand and grow your understating while knowing the power and the limits of astrology.

These are $40 an hour.

Questions To Bring

Some of what mainstream astrology presents is a way of selling astrology, not informing people about what it really says. They lie. Sorry. These are some good questions to ask and avoid. 

Sorry, not for Astrology.
  • Should this person I am interested in and I be together? 
    • Astrology doesn’t say “if” people should be together. It says what “it feels like” when people are together, and points out areas where people think differntly about the world. 
  • Should I sign a contract?
    • There is no perfect combination of planetary movement to decide if you should buy a house or a car, or if you should accept a job. We aren’t that important… sorry. 
  • What Sign should I date? 
    • As you learn more you will discover just why somoenes “sign” or sun sign is truly not that informative for a relationship. 
  • When will life all be better? 
    • Astrology doesn’t tell the future. It gives a path for major energetic transitions, but how this actually manifests in your life is a very complex web. Astrology will give a heads up for some “when will it all be better” questions that touch us on an existential level, but will never be able to predict when your boss will wake up enlightened and you get a raise. 
  • When is the best time to …? 
    • The world is very dynamic. Sometimes avoiding challenge also avoides growth. Sometimes challenge is too much. Astrology doesn’t offer mastery over all of life. It offers some insight, some compassion, and a little explination. 
Great Questions for Astrology.
  • How can I support my loved one when they are having a hard time? 
    • We often try to coach others to do what works for us. Astrology will help you find what is uniqe to them. 
  • I am having a hard time communicating with my daughter, what can I do to help us get on the same page? 
    • We often communicate in very different ways. Learning how people communicate, see the world differently, and respond to the world differently can be very helpful. 
  • What are some tools I can use with … to better understand each other? 
    • Astrology shows how your strenghts can match up to support anothers challenges and areas to grow. It supports dynamic loving relationships. 
  • What types of things can I do to make someone I love feel loved and safe? 
    • Astrology is very good at pinpointing the types of experinces that help people feel safe; feel loved, feel heard. 


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